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Game Design

My portfolio and trajectory in the world of Game Design.


With Gameolic, this was my first project in the world of videogames. I participated as a scriptwriter and Game Design assistant, with some art direction.

You can get it at this link, at the moment only for PC.

Inferno TCG

Inferno was an Argentine trading card game, my gateway to the gaming industry. In Inferno I worked as a copywriter and content creator, participating in the design area as a tester.

Tantra Rumble

Another project by Gameolic, in Tantra Rumble I worked as a scriptwriter and design assistant in its early stages.

Project: Mightier than the Sword

Some time ago I set out to create my own game from scratch, based on the Book Tips videos I was able to make a few years ago. The creation of my alter ego, Mr D or Don Duilius, opened up endless possibilities and this game is the living reflection of that.

Following a set of basic guidelines:

  1. Design and Develop the game by myself, as part of my learning in the game industry world.
  2. Consistently work at least 1 hour every Saturday.
  3. To transmit my work live, in order to generate a sort of networking.
  4. Use the transmissions to, in the future, generate a Game Design course.
  5. Upload logs and records to this site to keep track of my work.
  6. Create a humorous and somewhat educational game.
  7. Have fun!

Below is a list of each transmission for your records.

List of Transmissions

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