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Game Design

On this page, you will find a large part of my work in the Games industry, including my portfolio of original designs and the games I worked on under contract.

Design Portfolio

My own projects that I hope to release to the public eventually. In this part of the portfolio, you will not only see my ideas but also my creative processes and examples of my organizational and document control behind my designs..

Mightier than the Sword

“Mightier than the Sword” (MttS) is a personal challenge where I set out to develop a title from conception to execution. The idea is to create this indie Boss Rush game entirely on my own: design, art, code, and publication.

Blood in Amerisia

“Blood in Amerisia” (BiA) is a a Role Playing Game (RPG) set in my fictional universe of NeuroBar and serves as a prequel to the books. Players can embody a young Eric Miller and survive in the city of Amerisia.

War of the Maelstrom

“War of the Maelstrom” (WotM) is a high-level design for a strategy game set in my fictional universe “Harbinger of the Ancestors.” The game occurs parallel to the main plot of the books and has its own story.


“Gozu” was the thesis project we developed as a group for the Master’s in Game Design and Development. It is a survival horror game inspired by the Japanese legend of the demonic spirit Gozu.


Necrodinomancer is a board game where each player controls a Dinosaur Fossil reanimated through Necromancy and fight to the death until there’s only one of them left “alive”.

Games I Worked On

These are the games I have worked on during my years in the industry. Or at least, those that saw the light of day and that I can show without violating any NDA.


Currently, I am working as a Narrative Designer for Tearfallen, an ARPG Roguelike game created by Chillchat. Working as a storyteller for an Online Action Roguelike video game is something I love, and I enjoy it so very much.

Ships that Fight Underground

Ships that Fight Underground, or STFU, is a project developed between Little Orbit y GameOlic, a spiritual successor to the Descent saga. In STFU, I had the opportunity to work as a Lead Game Designer.


A Gameolic, en I worked as a writer and assistant designer in its early stages. I even participated as a tester for a few months. Stonehold is published by Little Orbit. This is its trailer.


With Gameolic, this was my first project in the world of video games. I participated as a writer and assistant Game Designer, with a bit of art direction.

You can get it at this link, for now, only for PC.

Inferno TCG

“Inferno” was an Argentine collectible and tradable card game, my gateway to the gaming industry. In Inferno, I worked as a writer and content creator, participating in the design area as a tester.

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