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We are slaves to our emotions

What are we capable of when love turns into overwhelming hatred?
What does our body do when it becomes controlled by madness?
What happens when violence and despise flow through our blood?

Within Red Crimes, the first part of the Blood Crimes collection, we find the answers to these questions.

Somos esclavos de nuestras emociones

¿Qué somos capaces de hacer cuando el amor se transforma en odio incontenible?
¿Qué hace nuestro cuerpo cuando lo domina la locura?
¿Qué pasa cuando la violencia y el desprecio fluyen por nuestra sangre?

En Crímenes Rojos, la primera entrega de la colección de Crímenes de Sangre , encontramos las respuestas a estas preguntas. (Spanish Version)

The dominance of humans has come to an end

In this novel, written for the Argentinean collectible card game INFERNO, we follow the steps of Firio the Chronicler, in his journey to preserve knowledge and the remains of human civilization. After the invasion of the Demons, the Earth has become unrecognizable and all living beings are subjugated to the service of the infernal creatures. (Only in Spanish)


Ravel’s Grimoire is a compilation of all the articles I wrote for the Inferno website, combined with other details of the background development I did for this game.

You will be able to discover many details of this post-apocalyptic universe and better understand the background behind The End of Men. (Only in Spanish)

A novel based on Warcraft

Conflict and hatred afflict the world of Azeroth, a disease that has been spreading for generations. The Horde and the Alliance march to war unceasingly, and no agreement seems to put an end to the hostilities.

This time, the enemy is not the Burning Legion, the Old Gods, or the forces of destruction, but the War itself.

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