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I Write Books

Discover and acquire my published works. You can also explore my Fictional Universes and follow the progress of my work as a writer, as well as the advancement of my own sagas.

I Design Games

Here you can see the games I have worked on and explore my design portfolio. You can discover my own ideas and game projects, and get to know my working methods as a designer.

I Create Content

In my Blog, you will find short stories and the development of my fictional universes. You will have the opportunity to get a preview of my stories and become familiar with my writing style.

NeuroBar Shorts: The Rebellion of the Machines
My dear readers, this short won't have the traditional format, where you can enjoy a prose narrative with dialogues and lines arranged by an omniscient narrator. Instead, let me tell …
We analyze The Sexy Brutale: A thousand genres in one game – [Podcast & Transcript #31]
Welcome once again to 4 Hours of Gaming, the best video game analysis podcast in the world and the universe. This time we did an analysis of one of the …
We analize Hellblade – A MUST PLAY for designers! [Podcast & Transcript #30].
Hello readers and listeners! I almost never start with such effusive greetings but today is a special occasion, why, you may ask. And the answer is that the Podcast transcripts …
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