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Harbinger of the Ancestors

Chaos and Order. Light and Darkness. Black and White.

The duality of the Universe is present in everything and everyone.

Balance, nature and magic constantly weave a web that maintains the essence of creation.

But between one extreme and the other, there are infinite nuances; there is no such thing as good, there is no such thing as evil. There is only us and what we do with our lives; we forge our own purpose and we are the architects of our own salvation… or destruction.

This is the main concept behind Harbinger of the Ancestors, my first major fantasy universe. I have been working on this work for years, forging its background, digging its foundations, erecting its structure and sculpting its details.

Harbinger of the Ancestors (HOTA for short), follows in the footsteps of the members of the Order of the Magi and the Order of the Corsairs, two Summoner guilds near ruin.

After recovering from a war that almost wiped out an entire world, these stragglers are fighting their extinction on a daily basis. Countless internal disputes, political conflicts and symbolic struggles for territorial hegemony add to the daily agenda.

Discrimination, old hatreds, religious prejudices and decadence disguised as progress swirl around the Magicians and Corsairs, while little by little the threat of an invisible enemy, hidden in plain sight, emerges.

Old enemies writhe in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to strike their coup de grace.

Harbinger of the Ancestors is a Saga initially structured in six volumes. The first three books are entitled:
The Guardian’s Mantle
The Heart of the Sentinel
The Helm of the Watcher

My Ambition: a new universe with its own life

Here I leave in writing my commitment, my goal and my ultimate ambition: to make HOTA a universe with a life of its own, with space for its followers to write countless fan fictions.

With space to create movies.

With space to create video games.

With space to create television series.

With space to create role-playing games.

With space to create board games.

With space for countless fan arts.

With space for own merchandising.

With space for external merchandising such as Lego, Funko Pop and more.

I am committed to making it happen. I just need you to believe in me and HOTA.

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