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We analize The Elder Scrolls Legends [Podcast #27]

Ah, Elder Scrolls… every time I play something from Elder Scrolls, it has me trapped in its clutches for hours and days. I don’t know how many times I must have played Oblivion and the time I played Skyrim recently, I got lost in its nooks and crannies over and over again.

In the case of Legends, I promised myself to be moderate, because it is also a Trading Card Game (TCG), another of my great gamer weaknesses.

You’ll see in the program, but with Dave we agreed on one thing in particular: analyzing a TCG is a rather complicated task, taking into account three things:

  • The complexity behind a card game.
  • The abundant amount of systems and game modes typical of a digital and online TCG.
  • The existence of monsters in the industry such as Magic and Hearthstone.

In fact, as we expected, Elder Scrolls Legends unfortunately has many elements characteristic of those two games. That’s not why it’s bad, and in fact it has some pretty interesting mechanics of its own that give it its personality.

I can’t say I got bored playing it; in fact I had a great time and I think it’s quite well done. It’s a pity they don’t support it anymore.

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