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Road to Indie Dev – Episode #18: Taking Up the Project

After a long break in which I didn’t do live transmissions, I decided to continue with my work in “Coworking online” mode. I don’t have really good excuses for the hiatus in the project, or at least, I don’t remember them.

I know that continuity and persistence are fundamental for personal projects, but I also know that it is not always possible. Anyway, it’s not that I didn’t do anything for Mightier than the Sword, but I’ve been spending time translating the documentation, thinking ahead for my portfolio and resume.

We are in an English-speaking industry, and not documenting in English is simply shooting yourself in the foot.

Beyond that, this broadcast was very entertaining and we started to explore the art of the game. The first Mr D sketch for the project came out and we started to play with the graphic style.

I can say that I’m undecided about where I’m going to make the game’s assets… Photoshop seems the quickest decision but, for the style I’m going to use, maybe Illustrator is the best option.

Thinking a little bit colder, I think the ideal would be to use both programs. One for the initial sketches and ideas, and the other for the final versions and assets that will go into the project itself.

I leave you with the video and look forward to seeing you live!

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