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Character Development: Demir Sancar

Who is Demir Sancar?

For anyone who frequents NeuroBar, Demir is a familiar and friendly face. That is, as long as they don’t cross his path or go against the house rules. Both bartender and on-site security, he doesn’t allow anyone to dare to disrespect Nicky’s establishment.

Few know Demir’s past, but everyone can recognize his Middle Eastern heritage, and he will be willing to tell his family’s story to anyone who asks. His large size also reflects the size of his heart; his nearest and dearest will attest to that.

However, it’s not all glitter in the profile of NeuroBar’s head of security. Demir is famous in Amerisia’s underworld for his involvement in underground fights, with numerous nicknames. Not even Nicky has been able to convince him to kick his habit, which could sometimes be mistaken for an obsession.

The bar offers him a perfect alibi to hide the truth from his family. After all, NeuroBar is located right on the edge of the darkest and most dangerous part of Amerisia.

Character Sheet

Heigth1,97 m
HairDark brown
SkinCetrino, brown
Style/ Look & FeelYou’ll never see Demir without a good quality shirt. His job at NeuroBar as a bartender and security manager requires him to dress to match his imposing demeanor.
Physical ComplexionCorpulent and massive. Of great physical strength.
PersonalityDemir is a man of few words, although he is very pleasant, polite and knowledgeable. He is highly empathetic and knows how to read his clients, he knows what to say and what not to say on every occasion.
Habits / HobbiesAvid reader, trains every day. Clandestine fights.
DisordersA bit of ablutomania; she counts how many brushes she gives each of her teeth and washes/hygienizes her hands more than usual.
StrengthsLoyal and staunchly loyal; extremely well read and educated; able to obtain information easily; huge and strong.
WeaknessesAttached to his emotional relationships; prone to anxiety when he feels dirty; can’t say no to a challenge.
FearsContracting diseases through contact. Threaten their children.
Preconceptions and IdeasDemir is a bit of an anarchist, he doesn’t believe in any system of government and if you ask him, he has lousy opinions about the Amerindian political caste.She is convinced that Amerisia is the next world empire.
Faith, ideology or beliefThis is a bit of a spoiler for the character himself but no matter: Demir believes in human knowledge as a God that is coming into being as humanity advances, and he thinks that eventually an android will carry all that stored knowledge, literally becoming a deity.
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