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Character Development: Marcia De la Fuente

Who is Marcia De la Fuente?

Along with Gabriel Barbosa, Marcia is one of the characters involved in the central plot of NeuroBar.

A cousin by adoption of Paulina Craig, the woman who disappeared at the beginning of the story and who serves as the kickoff for the plot, De la Fuente is a detective obsessed with the search for the truth. Paulina’s case doesn’t present much of a mystery, but Marcia will do her best to find out what happened.

Graduated with honors from the academy, she seeks to reach the most classified intelligence circles of the American nation. She hates it when people lie and seeks to be as truthful as possible before her brothers, for whom she serves as an example.

Marcia imagines a retirement as an intelligence consultant, being a go-to figure for advice while she lives in a penthouse or lakeside home.

Character Sheet

Height1,70 m
HairBlack, shoulder length, “Asymmetrical Bob Haircut” (asymmetrical bob cut).
Style / Look & FeelRespectful of uniforms and conventions, but prefers a casual style.
Physical ComplexionCurved facial features, thick eyebrows. Slim body, but not scrawny. Remains healthy.
PersonalityIt has a strong and combative personality. She is inquisitive and insistent. She does not like to receive a no for an answer. Her curiosity makes her quite reckless.
Habits / HobbiesHe takes care of his physical health. Always snacks on nuts; carries a bag of trail mix in his pocket. Loves nuts, tea and old movies.
DisordersHydrophobia; eventually panic attacks.
StrengthsPhysically agile and strong; fearless; curious.
WeaknessesTaking unnecessary risks; hot headed; somewhat impatient.
FearsNot progressing, stuck in a desk job. Somewhat hydrophobic. Drowning.
Prejudices and IdeasMarcia is distrustful of people in general, the result of her obsession with truth and lies.
Faith, ideology or beliefAgnostic, she doesn’t believe in religion.

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