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Road to Indie Dev – Episode #14: Rules and Core Mechanics

Rules. I can’t believe I made it all the way to broadcast 14 without talking about rules. Why? I’m glad you asked.


One of the requirements that a game must meet to be a game is that it must have a system of rules that shape it and establish what can and cannot be done.

In the case of video games, it is very common for us to overlook the definition of rules, especially because the game mechanics and systems themselves already condition the player as to what can and cannot be done.

In turn, when we talk about the “genre” of a video game, we already know that it will have a series of characteristics and, in turn, predetermined rules.

However, I believe that thinking about the most basic rules of each game is where we can make simple, straightforward and, above all, relevant innovations. MOBAs were born after modifying some of the basic rules of strategy games; Battle Royale emerged after adding new rules to other games.

Core Mechanics

Here we are talking about the main game mechanics, those that persist and are repeated throughout the title.

It did make sense to leave this for later and not touch it so early in the design. I think you need to know the game first, develop it, understand what it’s about, and then carefully choose what the core mechanics or systems are.

One of the core concepts of the game was to include grammar and spelling concepts, and the Bosses execution mechanic was the perfect solution for this to persist throughout the game.

Without much further ado, I leave the transmission:

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