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Road to Indie Dev – Episode #10: Game Design Manual

I was really looking forward to this moment of design. It is common to talk about Game Design Document, and that’s as far as the documentary effort of the project goes.

But game design is as much about creativity as it is about organization. If there’s one thing we’ve been showing with this project, it’s a lot of good documentation practices.

Creating a manual instead of a document is, to me, one of the best practices a designer can apply. There are many, many reasons why it is better to have many documents rather than one hundred or two hundred page document.

In short, the advantages are in the scalability of the project, the maintenance of documentation, and the support of better teamwork. It is easier to give an illustrator the document of the character he has to draw instead of giving him a giant document that he will not read.

I leave you with the log of the transmission and let me know what you think!(only in spanish).

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