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NeuroBar Development: The Neuro-Drinks

We talked about Neuroshots before, and today it is our turn to talk about Neuro-Drinks. The concept is similar to Neuroshots: drinks that stimulate the generation and activation of certain neurotransmitters.

Without the same potency as digital injections, these drinks were created at the beginning of the 23rd century, a few years before the course of NeuroBar, and until then have been overwhelmingly successful. They quickly replaced alcoholic beverages, with an unprecedented reception by the public.

How do they work?

Well, I can’t give you a scientific explanation, but roughly speaking, they work in a similar way to Neuroshots, in a less invasive way, with a more delayed and less powerful effect, but apparently longer lasting in time.

Drinking a Neuro-Drink stimulates the secretion of a particular neurotransmitter. This is the main difference with Neuroshots, which directly inject the neurotransmitter into the body.

The best thing about Neuro-Drinks are the drinks that can be prepared with them, which, according to the common people, are delicious and much better than drinks prepared with alcohol.

Who created them?

What a good question. And it is fundamental to the story, because they were devised by a corporation that appeared out of nowhere, without having made a single prior publicity announcement.

The company, called NRDS, was created the same day Neuro-Drinks went on sale. Where they were headquartered, where they mass-produced the first drinks, who worked for them, all that and more was a secret… and still is.

NRDS positioned itself as one of the richest companies in a very short time, even though its detractors labeled it as “the new addiction machine”.

However, the scientific community came to the defense of NRDS, as they empirically demonstrated that, unlike a common drug and in line with the Neuroshots, Neuro-Drinks possessed the ability to always secrete the exact amount of neurotransmitters desired.

If someone becomes addicted to Neuro-Drinks, it is merely a psychological dependence, not a physical one. A whim, if you will.

Are they important in the story?

Yes and no. I can’t give too many details without making you eat a spoiler fest.

I can tell you something anecdotal: Neuro-Drinks were one of the concepts that gave life to the fictional universe of NeuroBar. In fact, I decided to call the book Neuro-Drinks because of the idea of Neuro-Drinks… and for other reasons, of course.

Another decisive element was the character of Eric Miller… but I won’t repeat myself, you can see it all in .the anecdotal article in Neurobar. I left the link there for you to read it in advance

If you want to know more about NeuroBar, you’ll have to read the book. Now it’s my turn to finish it!

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