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August Gaming Club – Greedfall – [Podcast #36]

How I love it when games surprise me. And, I’m not going to say that Greedfall is “OH MY GOD WHAT A SURPRISE, WHAT AN UNEXPECTED GAME!!!”, but I can say that it’s a super enjoyable game that had me in its clutches more than I would have anticipated.

Let’s start with the fact that it is developed by a team of just over 20 people. For a game of such size, length and complexity, this is a colossal feat on the part of Spiders, the studio behind the game.

Talking about the program itself, so far I’ve been really enjoying Club del Gaming. I think each Podcast is a beautiful moment to chat, share and talk without getting into too much technical analysis.

I leave you with the link, and you will see that this time the most faithful member of the Club, Koga, who was the one who proposed Greedfall for this meeting, joined us.


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