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The year is 2224, and humanity has reached unsuspected levels of technological progress.

The long-awaited Technological Singularity arrived in the 21st century, and from then on, what was thought to be impossible became possible.

We achieve sustainable food. Stable economies. Responsible industries.

We finally control our carbon footprint. We cleaned up the oceans. We learned to recycle. We eliminated fossil fuels. We created clean, renewable energy.

Still, human nature took over, and everything went down the drain. Wars, corruption, pain. The powerful became more powerful, and the weak became weaker.

The 23rd century has arrived, and the only thing we have achieved so far is to multiply our problems.

This dire and desperate context is the one that surrounds NeuroBar, a science fiction detective novel set in the fictional city of Amerisia.

A mysterious murder has left a room painted red and an empty investigation, with no body to analyze and no clues to follow.

Eric Miller, a private investigator known for his effectiveness but notorious for his temper, is hired to follow the case. This will bring him face to face with his oldest nemesis, Elias Ricci.

The power play that will be unleashed will be surrounded by drugs, doubts and backstabbing. And it will threaten to drown them all.

NeuroBar Trilogy

This fictional universe has room and potential for countless other related products and spin-offs. These are the books that will be published initially.

Blood in Amerisia Project

As a result of the Masters Degree in Video Game Design and Development that I took, this project was born as a prequel to NeuroBar.

Consequently, and without realizing it, the creation of another imaginary universe with an incredible potential for growth.

Blood in Amerisia or BiA is the proposal for an Action RPG in which players will be able to embody the character of Eric Miller and discover the birth of his enmity with Elias Ricci.

The year is 2199, and crime in Amerisia seems to infect the city like a terminal and incurable disease. What misfortunes will the end of the century bring to the young investigator?

NeuroBar Fictional Universe

The following is a record of all the articles published about the development of NeuroBar’s Fictional Universe.

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