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Blood Crimes

What are we capable of doing when love turns into uncontainable hatred?
What does our body do when it is dominated by madness?
What happens when violence and contempt flow through our blood?

Crimenes de Sangre is a collection of three books of short stories, of which the first, Crimenes de Sangre, is already published.

This collection of short stories is inspired by the Naturalism of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with a more contemporary 21st-century approach. My main exponent and inspiration for this work is Horacio Quiroga, particularly his work Cuentos de Amor, de Locura y de Muerte.

Crímenes de Sangre has two fundamental characteristics: its stories are timeless, that is, they can take place in different times; likewise, its stories are spatial, that is, they are not geographically located in any part of the world. Despite this, it is possible to place them at some point in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.

The remaining two installments of Blood Crimes are entitled Crimson Crimes and Scarlet Crimes.

Of my works, Red Crimes is the only one translated into English, in its version entitled Blood Crimes.

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