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We talk about HUD Types [Podcast #28].

This is a subject that I like very, VERY much in the world of game design. Not because I enjoy designing HUDs in particular, but because it was something that until I studied it, I had never paid much attention to it. And the truth is that it is very interesting, quoting Dave.

HUD or Headsup Display is the part of the visual interface that provides information to the player about the state of the game. This is what is known as a formal design element in both video and board games.

Not all games have the same HUD, because not all games have the same information to provide to the player. However, it is an ever-present element.

To pass in clean, there are 4 types of HUD, according to the combination of two questions:

  • Is the HUD element included within the game space?
  • Is the HUD element included within the game fiction?

El resultado es el siguiente gráfico:

The podcast is full of examples of one or the other, so I’ll leave you with the recording for a quiet listen:

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