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We analyze BioShock’s Background [Podcast #11].

It was obvious that at some point in the Podcast I was going to talk about my thesis, especially if we analyze BioShock.

Few games have caused in me what BioShock caused. I’m not talking from a gamer point of view, but from a professional point of view. Because not all video games impacted my professional career as much as this one.

I suppose I should also say the same about Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the other game we also analyzed in the thesis. But no, it’s not the same level of impact. “e added COD4 to the thesis because we needed a game to contrast against BioShock.

It’s not that COD4 is bad. I just feel that BioShock has more ability to leave a mark on the player… and going forward, in my case, the designer.

I don’t want to go on with so much verbiage. I’d better leave you with the Podcast:

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