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Character Development: Mikaela “The Roach” Rochester

Who is The Roach?

We won’t see Mikaela make an appearance in NeuroBar, but she is a character who is mentioned on several occasions. However, she is someone important from the past of numerous protagonists, and a personality who shaped the streets of Amerisia 25 years ago.

Dangerous, feared and respected, The Roach offered her services in Rochester Alley, a dark alley rife with businesses of questionable morality. Mikaela had a reputation built on beatings, threats, sweat and blood, willing to take on all kinds of jobs.

From ransom missions to kidnappings, bodyguard services and assassinations, and even prostitution for those who had the money and, above all, the courage to dare to request such a service.

It was his lack of scruples that earned him the nickname The Roach, although the stories surrounding his name are as varied as they are fabulous.

Two things are certain in Mikaela’s story: first, despite everything, she was a protective mother, present and constantly attentive to her daughter; second, something happened between her, Miller and Ricci that changed the course of all three of their lives.

Character Sheet

OccupationNeuroBar owner, Bartender
HairBlack, now gray-haired.
SkinStunted, scarred skin covered with tattoos.
Style / Look & FeelMikaela had a Goth/Cyber Punk style when she was young. She still wears half of her head shaved, to show off her favorite tattoos.
Physical ComplexionNow in her later years, her body is not what it used to be. She used to be very athletic and had more muscle mass than the average woman.
PersonalityAggressive, authoritarian and demanding.
Habits / HobbiesAddicted to cigarettes, she solves puzzles.
DisordersZoophobia, particularly dogs.
StrengthsStrategist, leadership skills, agile, weapons expert, wide network of contacts.
WeaknessesMany enemies, temperamental, relies too much on her inner circle, which led to her downfall.
FearsThe death of his daughter. Fear of dogs due to a traumatic experience in his youth.
Prejudices and IdeasMikaela has no scruples, she will only follow the path that will bring her the most money.
Faith, ideology or beliefHe only believes in money.

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