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Character Development: Anabella Zhu

Who is Anabella Zhu?

Of Chinese and Italian descent, Anabella is considered a unique beauty worldwide. With a successful career in film, theater and modeling, she migrated to Amerisia after a movie shot in the outskirts of the city. Captivated by the city and courted by countless suitors, Zhu eventually gave in to the advances of Cornelius Westerfield, whose ambition and future plans proved intoxicating.

Anabella began her rise to fame in the modeling world, after a rigorous education in classical dances, acting, various instruments and even musical composition. Her beauty, discipline and talent catapulted her to success in a short time.

Behind closed doors, his life seemed perfect. Of course, he hid all his personal problems, avoiding revealing any information about his private life. Thus, she managed to keep away from various scandals. Her marriage to Westerfield was a general surprise, as she had never made their relationship public.

Battling drugs and depression, Anabella had to deal with all her problems with various therapists, who were forced to keep silent thanks to a number of confidentiality agreements.

Both Zhu’s past and present are a mystery, with countless personalities eager to find out.

Character Sheet

OcupationAmerisian First Lady / Model / Actress
NationalityItalian / Chinese – Based in Amerisia
Heigth1,72 m
HairBlack, wavy
SkinHer skin color is typical of Far East Asia.
Style/ Look & FeelAnabella es la viva imagen de la moda, la opulencia y la elegancia. Sin embargo, nunca se la verá vestida de forma extravagante, manteniendo una apariencia sobria acorde con su posición política.
Physical ComplexionSlim and slender, voluptuous and with gentle and seductive curves.
PersonalitySome say that Anabella mixes the best of two worlds: Italian passion and Far Eastern discipline. She lacks arrogance and has a modesty that dresses like a jewel.
Habits / HobbiesJewelry lover. Interpreter of various instruments.
DisordersHer passage through the show business and the world of modeling has not left her without after-effects of eating disorders and drug use. Problems from the past and from her youth.
StrengthsHis talent, his discipline, his ability to achieve what he sets out to do.
WeaknessesProblems of the past. Overshadowed by Westerfield.
FearsFear of losing everything. Fear that some of the scandals in your life will be revealed.
Preconceptions and IdeasDespite her modesty, Anabella feels uncomfortable among people of modest means.
She is convinced that Amerisia is the next world empire.
Faith, ideology or beliefKeirinist
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